update on Patrick

Chris this about an hour ago on the CaringBridge site….  Praise God for the word “temporary”!

Patrick’s pressure is great.  It hasn’t spiked.  His fever is down. We met with the neuropsychologist today and she gave us a very long term plan. She said that it will take one year for Patrick to get back to 90% of his old self.  He has a “severe” head injury.  He has two brain bleeds.  One area has to do with grabbing attention.  The other is speech.  He will not go back to high school and will not go to college next year.  It will take a long time….very sad but he is still with us and doing great.  He will eventually return to full function …it will just take time.  He will probably have speech deficits but they will be temporary.

In the emergency dept he moved everything but it was not coordinated, purposeful movement.  They think that he will have some motor problems…again, temporary.

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